Company Culture Assessments & Employee Engagement Surveys


Most leaders are still guessing and assuming when it comes to employee engagement.


Company Culture and Employee Engagement Assessments provide leaders the data, analysis, and knowledge they need to reduce employee turnover, improve productivity and attract industry leading talent.


In order to recruit, retain and motivate employees, leaders must understand what makes their organization a good place to work. For leaders to convert their culture from a good culture to a great one, they must have actionable insights.


– Benchmark employee engagement and commitment level.
– Support applications for industry recognition.
– Identify areas of improvement.


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Workshops & Training


Improvement starts with establishing long lasting habits. Better communication, customer service, and leadership habits. Our workshops aren’t “one and done” events. Each workshop is designed to create habits within your organization. Habits that support employees, customers, and shareholders.


“I found value in learning the many ways I can make small changes in communication to be clearer and get buy-in from co-workers on ideas.”
Workshop Participant


– Improve collaboration and communication.
– Create a culture of customer service.
– Reach propelling goals.

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With more opportunities available to them than ever before, in an increasingly diversified labor market packed with perfect-fit possibilities, the talent pool of today is a fussy lot.


Recruiting and retaining good hires in an era of unprecedented, internet-empowered flexibility and opportunity, has left many businesses feeling like web-era wallflowers – or worse.


Fortunately, the new steps are not hard to learn. They are predicated on a willingness to openly express your business’s priorities, style, and passions in order to attract like to like and to demonstrate a leadership style that is more horizontal than vertical.


“WOW!!  This was so much more than I was expecting!”
ConvertiHire Participant


– Enroll candidates like fans.
– Help candidates self-discover their organizational fit.
– Predict a candidate’s potential for success in your organization and role.


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We’ll tell the real story behind your company’s culture.


What drives “B” and “C” players to stick around and “A” players to leave? What programs should you have in place to sustain long-term growth? A strong culture will increase revenues. A supportive culture will ensure you retain employees. 


Ensuring that the culture of your organization supports employees, customers and shareholders is your top priority. It’s ours too. We work with you from the inside out.


– Create a strategic plan for your company culture.
– Determine the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of your culture.


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