14 Things That Your Employees Are Saying And You Have No Idea


My work cares more about floor plans than they do about safety.


I now realize why most of the employees at this company are from out of town. This place is the last resort for people who live here.


I do enough work to cover 3 employees and get treated like dirt.


When you micromanage and won’t pass things down, don’t get mad when your employees give up. Certainly don’t complain that you work too much.


All I do is work. My job treats me like dirt. I don’t understand why employers can’t respect their employees.


My employer cares more about Yelpers than actual employees.


So now that I put in my two weeks notice, you try everything to get me back. Too late, you lost your best employee who was there for everything.


The company hired a new employee and he might take my position. He is more experienced and knows more. I don’t mind as I like to surround myself amongst smart people, but I don’t want to lose my job.


I feel that no matter what I do I will always be disrespected at work.


Like what happened, you just woke up one day and decided “I’m going to change my mind 10 times a day, employees can read my mind”.


Since you’re such a great boss, why not help your employees remove the tire tracks that you left on our backs.


If you have a no cell phone rule for your employees don’t be a ___ #### hypocrite and stand in front of customers and make a personal call.


2 hours, 23 minutes and 10 seconds until work is over, I just can’t do it.


I think I’ll spend my day at work sending resumes.

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Nicholas Klisht