TechTuesday: Interpreter App

Every week we discuss one new technology that could help your employees or customers. This week we’re talking interpretation.

We can imagine if a call centre agent and customer don’t speak the same language that it’s a frustrating task for both parties. The purpose of an interpreter app is to help your employees communicate with customers who don’t speak the local language or members of the hearing-impaired community who require a sign language interpreter.


Having a language barrier can prevent a call centre from doing well.


Having a language barrier can prove to be a frustrating and tedious experience for both parties. A customer will appreciate it if the company can make accommodations to help improve their overall experience. An app like this will show that the company is understanding and is willing to provide a solution.


By removing the language barrier, you will be given the opportunity to expand your consumer base and business on a global scale.


Why waste time trying to understand a language you don’t know when you can speed up the process by using an interpreter app? By taking out the tedious experience of trying to understand a language you don’t know and constantly asking for clarification or repetition, you are speeding up the interaction between the customer and call centre agent. This can lead to an increase in the number of calls.  Interpretation apps will help create a diverse environment and open different collaboration opportunities. Communication is such a major factor in a call centre’s success, so why would you limit your agents to only one or two languages?


Show your diversity in communication with an interpreter app.


An interpretation app can help support your organization’s culture by creating or maintaining a diverse work environment that is accepted amongst employees. An application like this should be a basic application in every call centre, making interactions with agents and customers smooth and increasing your consumer reach.


Worried about another login or switching from app to app?


Don’t worry about having another login, with an integrated system you can have access to this app in a simple desktop program where you don’t have to worry about flipping from app to app. Having all your applications integrated into one place will help keep agents organized on calls, improving overall employee performance.


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Sierra Stacey