TechTuesday: App Review – Pocket

What is TechTuesday?


At ConvertiCulture, TechTuesday is a meeting held on Tuesday (you didn’t see that coming, right?) where myself and my co-workers go over new systems, apps and hacks for any already acquired programs. We look for things that can help expand our use of technology and help manage the workplace. These meetings give us a chance to learn and stay connected. Since Tech Tuesday is so popular in our office, we thought we should share it with others, hopefully introducing people to new programs they can incorporate into their everyday life.


A few weeks ago for our TechTuesday meeting, we went over a website called I originally found out about this site through a recommendation of a Medium user when searching for any beneficial programs for start-up companies, and since it was highly recommended, I decided to give it a try. Pocket has been around since 2007 and was originally called Read It Later. What pocket offers is a place to save any interesting articles, posts, pictures, videos, etc. in one place that can be accessed from any device. So really, it’s like an online bookshelf or filing system.


Now here’s how Pocket can be useful in start-up companies:


Pocket not only saves your favourite things online but it also allows you to share these articles with your co-workers. That means, allowing you to stay connected and to help each other gather information.


– Pocket can also be a place to store research so you can have easy access to reference later. This can prove to be very useful for any company or person as it keeps everything at your fingertips.


– Stores information from secondary resources.


Access any saved articles anywhere, anytime. They can even be read offline.


Tags will keep certain articles in groups and your saved favourite articles in another place. Pocket will also give you recommendations based on your picks and tags making it easy to continue reading. Users can look at other Pocket users lists and recommendations, building a network of great content. With the installation of the “Pocket plugin” (found in the top right-hand corner of the picture above), it will allow you to save any current page you are on to your list and you can tag the page right then and there.


Overall, pocket is a great way to store articles, share articles within a group or team, and encourage collaboration.


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Sierra Stacey