Meet The Team: Tanya Beaudry

The Converticulture team is happy to officially announce and welcome Tanya Beaudry to the team.


Tanya brings her passion, energy and positive nature to the group. With her background as a small business owner and a sales expert we know that our community of customers and followers will gain value from Tanya. As well as having experience as a franchise owner, Tanya has worked in the nonprofit and financial services sectors.


As a Director at Converticulture, Tanya will assist with our management consulting and business coaching pillars as well as our latest training and educational programs such as our Business Masterclass educational series and Hiring training program.


Jumping in with her natural enthusiasm Tanya has already partnered with successful businesses such as TBK Creative to bring leadership, employee engagement and company culture lessons to our Masterclass Series.


Welcome to the team Tanya!



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Team ConvertiCulture