Win More Sales Pitches With These Simple Tips

In this blog you will learn about how company culture can support the sales team, the customer and win the project.

Sales people work hard – really hard and it’s a world that’s not often understood by the rest of the company team. They see the travel and think glamour and the sales folks see the endless hotel rooms with bad décor and endure the cancelled flights. Yet these folks bring in the work and it’s key to both the success of your company that all of you are focused on the best customer experience right from the start.

It may take years to build a relationship with a buyer and to get that 1st sale.

So my question to you is, does your company culture support really support and excellent experience before that 1st order event comes in?

How are new customer jobs approached? I’m hoping that it is with excitement and by being proactive. You want to make the customer’s experience of working with you easy for them.

When new work is coming in it’s a best practice to have your key people go out and meet with the new customer. Get to know them on their turf so that you fully understand what their goal is for the project and for their company. Let them know how you can really partner and contribute to their overall mission.  Understanding their mission, culture and goals for the project will allow you to present your company best light as well.

Recently a friend was telling me about a special book project she was working on. It was to be a very unique book. The book packaging company that won their heart and the project was the company that brought along the paper representative. They were able to help clarify their goal for the end result because they came with various paper samples so that visualizing it became easy.

Their company culture was all about customer success. They supported the sale and their customer’s success by making the process easy and visually capturing the spirit of the project in the pitch.

How can your company support your sales like this?

Win more sales pitches with these simple tips:

  • Approach new customers with excitement and by being proactive.
  • Understand the potential customers mission, culture and goals for the project.
  • Make the sale process easy.
  • Visually capture the spirit of the project in the pitch.

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