Meet The Team: Sandeep Achar

The Converticulture team is excited to welcome Sandeep Achar to our advisory team.


Sandeep is an MBA Graduate from Queens University who has spent his career focusing on Innovation and Human Resource Management. Sandeep’s experience spans various industries including financial services, logistics and consulting.
As an Leadership Advisor Sandeep will utilize his extensive industry experience to help ensure that clients receive valuable training material. Sandeep will work with the team to advise and guide on the development of relevant, useful and actionable training material.


We are grateful to have someone as innovative as Sandeep join the advisory team.


In his spare time, Sandeep supports individuals with new business ideas and helps grow an innovative community. Recently Sandeep was the local ambassador to help bring the Intrapreneurship conference to Waterloo, with a goal to engage the local innovation community across public, private sectors and in different industry verticals.


Welcome to the team Sandeep, together we’ll help businesses build environments that are beneficial to employees, customers and shareholders.



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