Meet The Team: Kris Roberts

The Converticulture team is excited to welcome Kris Roberts to our advisory team.


Kris spent 25 years with Target in various senior leadership roles.  Her diverse career has spanned retail merchandising, start-up skunk works, e-commerce, and business technology strategy.


As an Executive Advisor Kris will utilize her extensive industry experience to help ensure that clients receive valuable training material. Kris will work with the team to advise and guide on the development of relevant, useful and actionable training material. The team will also lean on Kris to support consulting engagements in the retail industry.


We are incredibly grateful to have someone as passionate as Kris join the advisory team.


In her spare time, Kris is focusing on educating youth in the STEM fields as well as helping innovative new businesses like Innovative Monkey Technologies and Converticulture scale and thrive.


Welcome to the team Kris, together we’ll help businesses build environments that are beneficial to employees, customers and shareholders.



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