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What is the impact of culture on business?

A culture of a business has an impact on employees, customers and shareholders. Here are some examples.

Employees – A Columbia University study shows that the likelihood of job turnover at an organization with rich company culture is a mere 13.9 percent, whereas the probability of job turnover in poor company cultures is 48.4 percent.

Customers – After completing a cross section of the The American Customer Satisfaction Index Home and Gallup’s employee engagement studies there is a clear correlation. With every decrease in employee engagement, there is a drop in customer experience.

Shareholders – What happens when you impact customers and employees? You’ve guessed it your profits drop.


How do you improve company culture to one of openness and collaboration from the bottom up at a startup of ~100 people?

Each organization and business situation will be different but in general start with these principals.

  • Evaluate your current culture to ensure you know a starting point.
  • The strategy and hard work will need to start from the top down, not bottom up.
  • Create team building activities that start the process in real world situations.

What is the best organizational structure for a startup?

The answer depends on size of the startup.

As your business begins to form the founders have the vision. This is where your leadership team should start. Having a CEO isn’t nessisary day one, having a leadership team however is.

Employees are typically willing to do multiple jobs/roles and tasks in a startup, but they want to know who to go to when they have problems. Your employees should also have someone responsible for their growth and development early on. With that said, it’s important to appoint reporting relationships. Whoever you hire should know who they report to and their job description.

As you grow assigning areas of the business to the capable founders is the natural progression. Sales, service, product development etc.

Keep spans of control small at the beginning. Start at five employees to one manager to start. As the capabilities of your team improves their team size can also.


What can hr do to build company culture?

The first thing HR can do to build company culture is to evaluate it. Complete a culture heat map. Use surveys, roundtable discussions and one-on-one meetings. Ask open-ended questions and gather the data. Once the data is gathered review it within the organization and begin discussing what the data means.

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