How To Help Your Team During An Inconsistent Sales Period

You heart rate spikes and panic strikes, you’ve overslept. You can’t explain it, your alarm was set yet it didn’t go off. Did the power go out at night, did you fall back asleep after turning the alarm off? You can’t explain how this could have happened. That’s the same way you feel when your sales results become inconsistent with no explanation. It happens, with no logical reason with no reasonable explanation, there are times when sales results drop.

How you handle an unexplained dip in sales can impact long-term results.

Slide8It happens to the best of the best. Encourage your team to stay positive. Sales experts say to avoid negative approaches during these situations. Often traditional sales managers say, “you’re letting the team down” or “you’re not doing your job”.  Mitchel Bell, Sales Director of Optymyze  says that “a bad week doesn’t make a bad sales rep”. Bell recommends using periods of slow sales for rewarding and encouraging team members with a mix of incentives. Using time off incentives or low-cost options like gift cards. “Most of all know your audience, understand the small perks that will help your team through this type of sales period”. Bell’s advice focusing on understanding your team’s demographics, he pointed out that Millennials may have desires for different perks than other generations on the sales team.

Know your audience and use a mix of incentives during slow sales periods.

Slide10Once you’ve factored out any explanations for the slump Jason Cahill a career sales leader and technology evangelist recommends using this time to teach new sales techniques and tactics.  “Quality during a sales drought is important,” says Cahill. Cahill would be concerned that during a slump sales reps can start to focus too much on the numbers bringing in low-quality sales that would impact the business in the long term.

Focus on quality sales and training new skills.

With the help of various sales leaders, we’ve brought together tips and tricks to get you through the sales slump.


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