TechTuesday: Can technology solve company culture problems?

Have you ever looked at an app, a piece of software, or some other technology and said “this will solve my problem”. From production challenges to sales or marketing, technology can support solving many business challenges.  Sometimes, technology is the solution, other times it’s a crutch or a “band-aid” to temporarily solve the problem.  In this inaugural TechTuesday blog we begin answering the question, “can technology solve company culture problems”. Actually, TechTuesday goes beyond that, we’ll examine technology that might assist in solving typical company culture problems. Problems like communication, staying organized within a team and idea generation.


Can any of these technologies take your company culture from good to great?


No. There is no “one and done” solution to make a company culture a great one. Technology can be used to support habits and norms. Technology can be a conduit to connect teams and generate ideas. Technology can’t fix everything that’s wrong within an organization. It can however be a tool, in a leader’s tool belt.


Technology can be the catalyst to innovation.


It’s not surprising that employees often describe that new technology as the “flavor of the day”. Leaders want innovation, they want to try new technology, and solve problems. Some technology takes off in an organization, others don’t. Maybe because the change champions aren’t onboard, or because there isn’t an appeal with the early adopters in an organization. This is ok. Technology trials, pilots, or tests that don’t take off aren’t or habits. They are successful trials that proved, without a doubt, that the technology isn’t the right choice failures, they are successes. They are successfully trialed apps that didn’t work within the organizational norms for the organization.


Technology flops are successes.


Instead of setting out on a mission to have each employee adapt the new technology on day one, introduce it as a trial. The technology that takes off, that early adopters within the organization use and embrace, can be the shining stars. The shining stars that help build your culture up; build your culture up by supporting employees and customers alike.


Can technology solve company culture problems?


This is the question that will continually come up in our TechTuesday series, and the answer is a simple one, “no”. But technology can support creating a culture that is supportive of employees, customers, and shareholders.


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Nicholas Klisht