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[Full MasterClass] Without This Your Company Culture Is Doomed

You’ve heard it before, “it’s only the leadership of an organization that can improve company culture”. The CEO, directors, executives and the rest of management, right? Who else could influence a large group of people to change their behavior? Who else could help show that a supportive company culture is one that benefits employees, customers, and shareholders?


After this MasterClass session, you may just leave with a new perspective. There is someone else in your organization that can improve company culture.


Today, Tanya Beaudry speaks with Andrew Schiestel. Andrew is the President and Founder of tbk Creative in London Ontario, Canada. You’ll hear Andrew’s thoughts on influencing company culture from the bottom up, taking initiative and the financial investment into a company culture.

Listen to the full interview with Andrew Schiestel,

President and Founder of TBK Creative in London Ontario, Canada.

Outside of the audio interview, Andrew elaborated on tbk’s guiding principles. “First, are we producing great products? Second, are our clients thriving in their roles? Third, are our team members living great lives? In terms of the third question, what shows up on our leadership twice-monthly taskforce meetings is the question ‘Are our team members happy”?. This question relates to that third primary question above. If someone isn’t happy, we try to understand why and take action if appropriate to do so.


If you listened closely to the interview you’ll hear Andrew’s word choices. Through the session Andrew is clear on these three principles and the words he chooses to use. For example, he refers to employees as colleagues. But what’s most important is how Andrew views the ability for individuals to influence company culture.


“Culture is ultimately everyone”.



The viewpoint that a leader of an organization has the sole ownership to improve company culture isn’t one that Andrew supports. He believes that everyone has the ability to influence and improve company culture. He highlights how tbk’s VP of technology started a company BBQ tradition. He also highlights how individual actions are pivotal to a strong culture for example one employee starting coffee runs and a weekly social event with drinks after work. Andrew gives his team space to try new things and is clear on his focus.


The leader of an organization is not the only one that can improve company culture, but they need to enable it. Without this your company culture is doomed.


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tbk Creative is a marketing agency that produces high quality web design and digital marketing. tbk was founded in 2008 with a remote workforce that tripled within a year and gradually moved to an office in downtown London, Ontario.

Andrew and his team were recently the recipients of a Business Of The Year Award presented by the local Chamber of Commerce. tbk has also won countless awards in the Social Media and web design community.


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