[The Good, Bad And Ugly] Lessons In Company Culture From Four Celebrities.

july 2018 (2)We’re constantly looking for lessons to share about company culture. Many of our lessons are based on our experience, chatting with business owners or from reviewing data and analysis. Sometimes we even find lessons in strange places weather it’s taking a walk, on vacation or the front page of People Magazine.


What can you learn about company culture from celebrities?


In this blog you’ll find four lessons in Company Culture straight from the front page of that celebrity gossip magazine. You’ll find out the good, bad and the ugly lessons we took away from these celebrities.


The Good Company Culture Lessons

Prince’s passing this year deeply saddened millions of fans around the world, but we celebrate his success with this lesson. Prince knew who made him great, who supported him and he never forgot this. He knew it was his fans and his team that surrounded him.


1: Your Company Culture should acknowledge your employees, customers and shareholders.


On a similar theme, we celebrate the life of the champ Muhammad Ali.  There was no counting pushups or situps for Ali, not until they started to hurt. Ali thought ahead, always outside the box with focus. Ali’s boxing career went on to win 56 championships and lose only 5. Success takes dedication to pushing through the difficult activities that we dislike, all to achieve a long term goal.


2: A strong Company Culture takes the same dedication, and drive that Ali had.


The Bad Company Culture Lessons

George Lucas taught us all about using “The Force” in his Star Wars franchise. The bad part? Many Small Business owners and Start-up Founders are trying to use this same “Force” when they look at their company culture. Unlike the “Force” company culture is measurable, it has a lasting impact and it can change.


3: Avoid the stereotypical view of company culture, put a new narrative around company culture. It is real.


The Ugly Company Culture Lesson

Kelly felt “blindsided” and didn’t come into work following the announcement that Michael Strahan was leaving the show. On her return, Kelly stated that she “needed a couple of days” and that “after 26 years with this company, I earned the right”. Kelly disclosed that this situation opened a door to positive change: change towards improving communication and consideration, respect. While this scenario may have ended positively the biggest lesson from this situation was a leadership lesson.


4: During times of change, your team, peers, and even fans need your support.

You can find lessons in company culture all around you, when you’re on a walk, when you’re interacting with employees or customers or even when you’re relaxing watching a movie or tv show. If you enjoyed this blog and these fun insights let us know by sharing it  on Facebook or Twitter.




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